Krispy Kreme opening draws army of doughnut lovers


photo 2Doughnut lovers flocked a Krispy Kreme in New Castle as the company staged a return to the  Delaware market.

The newly-constructed store in front of the New Castle Farmer’s Market features more than 15 varieties of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, as well as bagels and coffee. The drive-thru is open 24-hours.

The crowds  continued to flock to the store near the New Castle Farmer’s Market early Wednesday afternoon. The shop was heavily staffed and worked hard to meet demand. A major attraction for patrons  was the doughnut making machinery that was running at capacity.

At one point, there was a 10-minute  delay in getting the store’s well-known hot doughnuts. That did not sit will with some in the crowd as staff crowded along of the doughnut assembly line to grab the heavily glazed goodies.

Brian Zaslow, co-owner of the store, said they served thousands of customers on their first day of business. The Delaware location is the fifth store that Zaslow and business partner Keith Morgan have opened since 2010. They also run locations in greater Philadelphia and New Jersey.


“Busy is an understatement,” Zaslow said. “We had a non-stop line from 6 a.m. until our store closed at 11 p.m. Our drive-thru was packed until two in the morning.”

Krispy Kreme shops were once located on Route 202 in Wilmington and on Route 40 in Bear, but both were shut down a few years ago. There were similar lines when those stores opened   both fell victim to a corporate accounting scandal and related problems. The chain also faced intense competition from Dunkin’ Donuts, which also has a loyal following.

With a new management team and new  franchisees in place, the company has been carefully adding locations.

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