(Update) DiFonzo Bakery adds tomato bread


DiFonzo'sDiFonzo Bakery has added tomato pie to its bread selections, according to its Facebook page.

The bakery opened in late November at 724 Old DuPont Road between Kirkwood Highway and Maryland Avenue in the Elsmere area. Initially,, the offerings were limited to rolls.A tomato pie is bread with a sauce topping.

DiFonzo’s Facebook page now has more than 3,500 likes. That could represent one of the fastest growth rates for a small business Facebook page in northern Delaware.

Coupled with the Facebook posts was nearly non-stop coverage by the News Journal and food reporter Patricia Talorico in the early going. The story on the DiFonzo’s opening was also the second most read in 2013 at DelawareBusinessDaily.com.


The return of the bakery, is good news for area residents who have longed for its rolls that sell for $6 a dozen and bread.

The bakery opened in 1945 and operated for decades on Union Street in Wilmington. It was not unknown for a line of customers to extend outside the door and for the same customers to eat a hot roll in their vehicle before heading home..

The business was sold nearly a decade ago and now operates at the Little Italy site as Black Lab Breads.

The third generation of the family is now operating the bakery. Days of operation are Tuesday through Sunday.

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