(Photo gallery) Foes of data center-power plant hold candlelight vigil


Critics  of a proposed data center and power plant on a portion of the old Chrysler assembly plant took their case to the Main Street outside the  Newark Municipal Building on Wednesday night.

The candlelight vigil  initially  drew dozens of  opponents of the plants and one lone supporter who walked along the sidewalk with a pro power plant sign. Published reports indicated that the  number grew to more than 200 after dark.

The vigil was in reaction to word that Newark city staff will decide on whether the project that could carry a $1.1 billion price tag and generate thousands of construction jobs is suitable for the zoning designation at the University of Delaware Star Campus, the site of the old auto plant.

Many opponents say they have nothing against the data center, but do not want the accompanying natural gas-fired power plant. Data Centers, developer of the project say the power plant is necessary in ensuring 100 percent up time for data stored in servers at the site.


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  1. Try 220 protesters. The lies that hae been told by you and our governor and TDC and AlanLevin and Patrick Harker and Andy Lubin just go on and on. 5.000 jobs – NEVER! We are going to take back our town. This is our town and our homes and our lungs. You have been for this project since it’s inception. Delaware is a corrupt state full of lying politicians and journalists!

  2. Glad to help you express your First Amendment rights. Point taken on the attendance. It did grow after dark.

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