Christiana Apple Store top iPhone seller, ABC show declares


ABC TV’s Good Morning America has declared that the Apple Store in Christiana Mall is the top seller of the iPhone.

 The show based the claim on a conversation with clerks (or perhaps ex-clerks) who said the store was No. 1.

Apple is known for closely guarding sales rankings of its stores, but may not be that unhappy with the publicity as the holiday shopping season approaches. It has long been known the mall store is one of the top performers for Apple.

The store benefits from the lack of a sales tax in Delaware and draws bus loads of visitors from adjacent areas with high sales taxes. Apple Stores typically outperform far larger Best Buy and other electronics superstores in sales per square foot and at times in overall sales.

Square footage has been expanded a few times since the Christiana branch open and the store is staffed with an army of associates. The clerk went on to say that the store ranks second only to the company’s flagship store in Manhattan, which is open around the clock. Click here for the story. 

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