Three new solar cell projects in county


Solar panels are becoming part of the northern  Delaware landscape. DuPont Co. is seeing solar cells on a  site it owns along the Christina River in Newport as a Wilmington project nears completion.

The Newport site had earlier been remediated by DuPont, which operated in the area for many years.

DuPont spokesman Terry Goodling said the project is being developed by Tangent Energy and owned by Greenwood Energy will provide solar power for the area.

The solar panels are being supplied by DuPont Apollo Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of DuPont

DuPont plans to announce further details following the project’s expected completion at the end of November.”

Meanwhile, New York-based Greenwood Energy, earlier this year,  has completed the purchase  of approximately two megawatts  of  production from solar projects in Wilmington.

The ‘Peninsula’ projects, each approximately 1 megawatt  in size, were originally developed by Tangent Energy Solutions, Inc.,  Kennett Square, Pa.  The projects are nearing completion.

The Peninsula solar installations, built on  about  seven acres of remediated  brownfield area, will sell power to Delmarva Power.

Remediation sites are viewed as  good candidates for solar cells, since the areas are not suitable for other types of development and solar cells do little to disturb the area.

Solar projects have been aided by state mandates that will lead to a quarter of all electric power in the state coming from alternative sources.

The lion’s share of solar energy generation has gone online in Kent and Sussex counties.

Other solar arrays upstate are in Delaware City and at an AstraZeneca complex.

Delaware also  is the home manufacturing site for Taiwan-based Motech. Motech solar cells have been used in other solar  projects in the state, including Delaware City. – Doug Rainey 

The accompanying photo is a Motech  array  in Delaware City.


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