Web report indicates that Fisker wants to build entry level hybrid

Fisker Atlantic

An automotive website reports that Fisker Automotive wants to build  an entry level. plug-in hybrid automobile. The report came from Inside EVs.

Plans to build a larger hybrid sedan, the Altantic  at the former GM Boxwood plant in Newport, Del. are on hold after a federal loan for the project was suspended.

The company did not reach financial goals for its first  vehicle, the luxury hybrid Fisker Karma. 

The entry level vehicle would take on the Chevrolet Volt, which has gained good reviews, but has seen sluggish sales.  Interestingly enough, the current CEO of Fisker headed the Volt project for GM.
The Karma luxury sedan, has been beset by problems that included fires, a bad review from Consumer Reports  and most recently  vehicles destroyed during Superstorm Sandy.
Fisker also emerged as a topic in the presidential campaign, with candidate Mitt Romney claiming it was an example of failed policies on picking winners and losers by the Obama administration.
It also emerged as a state issue, with Republicans criticizing a state financial package aimed at bringing the company to Delaware.
Fisker has indicated it will seek alliances with other automakers, with websites mentioning Fiat, which now owns  Chrysler.  Chrysler, unlike other automakers does not have a presence in hybrid vehicles.  One of the last vehicles built at the Newark Assembly Plant of Chrysler was a hybrid version of the Chrysler Aspen-Dodge Durango.
Click on the link below for the story from Inside EVs.
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