West Chester firm aims to regenerate skeletal tissue


A new  company, based in West Chester, Pa.,  aims to regenerate human bone and other skeletal tissue.


The company, called SkelRegen, LLC short for Skeletal Regeneration, has already identified several compounds that it believes could transform musculoskeletal care.

.SkelRegen results from a collaboration between Scott D. Boden, chief medical officer at the Emory University Orthopaedic & Spine Hospital and Professor of Orthopaedics, Emory University School of Medicine and Stephen R. LaNeve, former president of a multi-billion dollar spinal & biologics division of a leading global medical device company.

A major challenge in orthopaedic surgery, trauma, and plastic surgery is dealing with damaged skeletal tissues bone, cartilage, ligament, tendon.  The best possible solution to this challenge would be a less expensive small molecule capable of regenerating skeletal tissues using the body’s own mechanisms. By using compounds with known acceptable safety and toxicity profiles, the company expects to greatly reduce the time and expense needed for commercialization.

.Boden, SkelRegen’s co-founder   says  “We discovered several small molecules that simply help the body’s own regeneration machinery do its job.  We are basically building bone from scratch now, with the expectation of building cartilage and other soft tissue in the near future.  This technology has broad application throughout the field of orthopedics and holds promise for transforming musculoskeletal care.”

.The company anticipates addressing the unique clinical and economic needs of several major market segments, including Spine, Trauma, Scaffold & Bone Void Filler, Soft Tissue Repair, and Osteoporosis.

SkelRegenSkelRegen, LLC was formed in the state of Delaware in September.  For more information on the company, its products, or investment opportunities, please visit the company’s website at SkelRegen.com or call the company’s media contact directly.

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