N.C. County Police offer cell phone text alerts


A new alert network is now available to the public in New Castle County.

By visiting the police web site, www.nccpd.com, and clicking on the “Tips/Alerts” section, anyone can sign up to receive text and e-mail alerts from the police. The program is free and standard text messaging rates apply. Typically most cellular users do not pay per message rates. A similar system has been in operation in the city of Newark in recent years.

The system is secure, anonymous and customizable based on where the user resides. This alert network supplements the division’s Reverse 911 program in being able to send information to the community. It also builds upon the current “Text a Tip” program which allows the public to send anonymous text tips to the police, according to a county release.

This program allows the public to receive notices on their computer, phone or both about important issues impacting their communities. Notices such as crime alerts, crime prevention tips, police activity and requests for information from the public can be sent from the police to the public. Colonel W. Scott McLaren says:  “Our goal is to increase our timely communication with the citizens that we serve. The more people that sign up – the more valuable this tool becomes.”

County Executive Paul G. Clark states, “I applaud our police department for their proactive approach to preventing and reducing crime and their commitment to engaging with the citizens they serve. Our officers need to use every available tool to keep residents safe and informed. This Alert Network does both, through communications technology that is popular and easy to use.”

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