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Physician charged with 'waterboarding' leading figure in near-death research circles


The Milton pediatrician, accused of “waterboarding” his daughter is leading figure in a movement dealing with near-death experiences.
An Google search for Morse turned up a large number of stories and even videos relating to the topic, many featuring
Melvin Morse, 58.
Morse co-authored the book “Closer to the Light” and at one point appeared on the “Oprah” show and Larry King.
The jacket for the book said the title appeared for three months on the New York Times best seller list.
An Amazon.com summary said the book explored the near death experiences of children. He also wrote a second book on the topic.
His research was also published in scientific journals, according to the websites.
Morse practiced medicine in the Seattle area, but later moved to southern Delaware.
He is listed in LinkedIn as a “Physician at Spiritual Scientific Research Foundation” in the Dover area.
On the website http://www.spiritualscientific.com/, Morse said “Four years ago I left the safety of my established practice of medicine and my position at the University of Washington, to launch Spiritual Scientific with the full support of my wife. We have been honored and recognized by the World Health Organization, and now IRVA-IRIS in this International Consciousness Award.”
Another website, MelvinMorse.com, was not in operation, as of Wednesday.
He was interviewed on the topic in late May by the website, Skeptiko.com.
Waterboarding is an interrogation technique said to simulate drowning as water is poued into the nose and around the face.
The practice was harshly criticized by some and defended by others, following news that the technique was used on suspected suspected terrorists.
News that Morse was arrested in July was posted on the Near Death Experience Network website. The arrest came after allegations that he dragged his daughter into the family home and spanked her.
Morse was arrested this week, after the daughter, 11, told Delaware State Police she had undergone waterboarding four times in the last four years, with her mother, Pauline, 40, being aware of the situation.

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