Nearly 100,000 lower-income families have low-cost Comcast Internet


The cable giant announced the milestone for its Internet Essentials program  on its blog.

The program offers a $10 monthly fee for Internet access for families meeting certain income guidelines.  It is designed to bridge the “digital divide” that has become a factor in accessing online services and education services.

Comcast is the largest cable-Internet provider in Delaware and employs more than 1,000 in the state.

“This milestone is a testament to all the hard work and dedication of our employees and our community partners, the support we have received from school districts and elected officials, as well as from ordinary people who heard about the program and helped a family get online,” Comcast executive David Cohen wrote in the blog.

The service has drawn praise and scattered criticism from customers unhappy about Comcast’s typical Internet charges that  often total around $50 a month.

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via Nearly 100,000 Families or 400,000 Low-Income Americans Are Now Online Thanks to Internet Essentials : Comcast Voices | The Official Comcast Blog.

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