Fisker names CEO, adds 2 other executives


Fisker Automotive named Tony Posawatz, the former head of the Volt program at General Motors as its new  CEO. It also added a manufacturing chief and sales executive for Asia.

Former CEO Tom LaSorda said he had been while looking for a new CEO. and other executives to beef up the management team. Earlier in his career, LaSorda had been an executive at Chrysler.

The auto company had planned to build a mid-sized hybrid Fisker Atlantic hybrid automobile in Delaware, but has been unable to secure federal funds for the project, after not meeting financial goals. It has not ruled out building the Atlantic elsewhere with other funding.

It is now building the Fisker Karma in Finland. The company has, of late, been battling reports of fires and other problems with the Karma.

A 30-year veteran of the auto industry,  Posawatz’s last role was as GM’s Vehicle Line Director and key leader of Global Electric Vehicle development, where he was responsible for the Chevrolet Volt.

Fisker Automotive  also  announced the appointment of Joseph Chao as Executive Vice President and CEO of China and Asia. Fisker plans to bring the Karma to China later this year. He is also an auto industry veteran.

Fisker  announced the  appointment of Alberto Gonzalez as Vice President of Manufacturing. He also has three decades of experience in the auto industry.


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