Clean-up to continue at Occidental Del. City chemical site


Occidental Chemical Corporation will continue to remediate   its 300 acre site near Delaware City at a cost of $19 million under a settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency.blank Occidental agreed to go ahead with  the final clean-up remedy selected by EPA.

The cleanup plan includes the excavation,  consolidation, and capping of contaminated soils, along with administrative and legal safeguards to minimize exposure to contamination, according to a release.

Occidental and EPA will work together to implement this cleanup work and return the property to a useful state.

The total estimated cost to implement the final remedy is $8 million in capital, and $11 million in operation and maintenance costs, the agency estimated.

The Occidental property has undergone demolition and decommissioning. The  site is south of the confluence of Red Lion Creek and the Delaware River.

Surrounded by a heavily industrial and commercial area, the site operated as a chlor-alkali plant from 1964 through 2007. Chlorine production stopped at the facility in 2005, and the production of anhydrous potassium hydroxide ceased in 2007.

Decommissioning and demolition of most plant structures was completed in 2007 and 2008. The site is now fenced and contains seven buildings, several concrete slabs, a wastewater treatment plant and groundwater extraction and treatment system.

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