Coastal builder constructs home with American materials


Oursler  Homes has  built a residence  constructed from   American-made materials.

Fourth-generation builder Marnie Oursler  heads the coastal Sussex County company.

“Even raising the question with the bigger builders can help the competition within the United States,” Oursler said. “As an entrepreneur, I have the power to reallocate where I spend my money. We tried it to see if it was financially viable, and it was. It was neat, and I hope it generates momentum with the suppliers and all involved.”

Oursler says her work  has inspired her father’s company – one of the biggest in Southern Maryland – to explore the American-made model as well.

“Business owners have a responsibility to help the communities they live in,” Oursler says. “I’ll bring everything I learn back here to America and hopefully inspire others to think outside the box.” Oursler believes that builders – and domestic industry in general – can’t go wrong with using Americanmade products. “There is less travel and pollution, and you are helping with local jobs – it really is a win-win for everyone,” she says.

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