Life insurance policy leads to murder indictment in '07 case


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    The Delaware Attorney General’s office obtained an indictment charging former Delaware resident Jason Slaughter with the 2007 shooting death of Christopher Masters. Life insurance was the apparent motive.

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    In late 2007, New Castle County Police found Masters,  22, shot to death inside his home in the Glasgow area. Slaughter, a friend of Masters, who was found with a gunshot wound outside the home, told police he was shot in a home invasion.

    Although Slaughter’s story was inconsistent with the evidence, no other leads had appeared. In 2010, Georgia police contacted Delaware authorities after they charged Slaughter and his wife with the May, 2010 shooting death of Michael Haegele. During that investigation detectives found documentation that Slaughter was in possession of a $250,000 life insurance policy on Masters and was the beneficiary.

    In the Georgia case, Slaughter was in possession of a $500,000 life insurance policy on Haegele. Slaughter, 25, faces murder charges in Georgia. He will be moved  to Delaware upon conclusion of the Georgia case.

    “Despite the time and distance covered by this case, the voices of the victims and their families will be heard thanks to the ongoing hard work and collaboration among prosecutors, investigators and police both here in Delaware and in Georgia,” said Attorney General Beau Biden.

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