DuPont technology helps extend range of electric vehicle


A recent breakthrough in electric vehicle motor technology from Japan-based SIM-Drive Corp. extends driving range 30 percent beyond today’s mass-produced extended-range vehicles. Aiding the performance were material innovations from DuPont Co.

Image from DuPont.

Extending the range of electric vehicles would make the technology more competitive in the marketplace. Charging the vehicles can  also take place at off-peak times during the evening hours.

DuPont is one of 34 companies to work with SIM-Drive, Kawasaki City, Japan, on the prototype next-generation vehicle that features nearly 50 new technologies. It was unveiled in March.

SIM-Drive credits an “in-wheel” motor system and extensive use of lightweight materials for the significant increase in mileage per charge.  The vehicle also has a maximum speed of 110 miles an hour and sports car-like acceleration with a 0 to 60 time of   5.4 seconds.

Eight DuPont products, including high-performance plastics, film, paper and paint, were used in a collaborative development program between the DuPont Japan Innovation Center in Nagoya, Japan, and SIM-Drive.


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