Washington Gas has Bloom energy server at Va. center

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WGL Holdings, Inc. announced the official opening of the new Springfield Center facility for its subsidiary Washington Gas.

A Bloom energy server on display in Newark, Del. Doug Rainey photo.

The building uses a Bloom Energy Server to convert natural gas to electricity. The use of the energy server was highlighted at the recent groundbreaking for Bloom’s Newark, Del. manufacturing site.

The design of and technology used in the new complex help support Washington Gas’ goal to achieve a 70 percent reduction in its CO2 emissions from its fleet and facilities by 2020.

More than 21 percent of the building’s construction materials were harvested and manufactured in this region and more than 31 percent of the building materials are from recycled content.

Terry D. McCallister, CEO of WGL Holdings and Washington Gas, said: “The installation of Bloom’s clean energy technology was a natural decision for Washington Gas and is consistent with our commitment to environmental stewardship. We will continue to seek innovative, eco-sensible technologies and process improvements that can deliver both environmental and economic benefits in every aspect of our operations.”

The Bloom Energy Server is a solid oxide fuel cell that converts clean natural gas directly to electricity. Output from the unit will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 40 percent compared to conventional grid electricity, will provide up to 35 percent of the electricity demand for complex. It will run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“I would like to applaud Washington Gas for making the decision in 2011 to become our first East Coast customer,” said K.R. Sridhar, CEO of Bloom Energy. “Since that time, we have enjoyed a great partnership and look forward to supporting continued energy leadership by Washington Gas.”

Washington Gas offers residential electricity service in Delaware. Customers can choose from various percentages of electricity generated by windpower.


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