Morgan treasury unit offers iPhone-based check deposits for business


New York-based J.P. Morgan Treasury Services launched its mobile application Image Deposit Direct Mobile (IDD Mobile). IDD Mobile enables U.S.-based companies to make check deposits using any Apple iPhone device, eliminating the need to visit a branch.

IDD Mobile is an extension to the Image Deposit Direct, an Internet-based remote capture solution for depositing paper check payments. IDD Mobile allows checks to be deposited in real time, at the point of receipt, while an employee is in the field. The application is well suited for clients with sales forces that collect checks from merchants, replacing the need for employees to make an additional trip to a banking center to make a physical deposit or to a centralized office location for checks to be scanned for deposit.

Pilot clients began using IDD Mobile in December 2011. Among them is Ben E. Keith Company, the third largest beer distributor in the U.S. and operator of a fleet of more than 330 delivery trucks servicing retailers. The company’s drivers are responsible for the safe and timely deposit of check payments from customers.

IDD Mobile is part of a suite of check imaging solutions offered by J.P. Morgan Treasury Services that typically use computers and automatic teller machine cards.

All IDD Mobile communications are securely encrypted using SSL encryption; potential duplicate checks are identified and decisioned directly on the device. Sensitive data is not stored on any mobile device. Deposits may also be reviewed and approved from the corporate office prior to being released for deposit

Android users will be able to download and utilize IDD Mobile in the coming months. More information Mobile and is available at

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