DuPont celebrates solar boat's voyage around the world

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DuPont is  taking note of the success of a solar-powered boat that made its way around the world.

PlanetSolar. DuPont photo

DuPont is an official supplier to PlanetSolar, a catamaran covered by 537 square meters or nearly 5,800 square feet  of photovoltaic solar panels that power an electric motor. The solar boat docked in Monaco over the weekend  for a celebration of its  trip that began on Sept. 27, 2010.

“The success of this undertaking proves a core belief within DuPont: science can be used to help solve the world’s most pressing challenges. We have the tools and materials available to make our planet better and more sustainable,” said Simone Arizzi, science & technology director, DuPont, Europe, Middle East & Africa.

The photovoltaic panels used to power the boat were exposed to a   marine environment for 19 months. DuPont Tedlar film was key to protecting the PlanetSolar panels, according to the company. It is part of a portfolio of solar energy technologies from DuPont.

“Our planet deserves a better, brighter and cleaner future,” said Raphaël Domjan, initiator and leader of the solar expedition who first conceived the idea for the boat in 2004. “Solutions must be found. I hope our success will motivate engineers and scientists to continue to develop innovative technologies, and show that the impossible can become possible.”

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