Crestor study good news for AstraZeneca


    AstraZeneca announced results of a study that showed a 40 mg Crestor significantly decreased LDL-C or “bad” cholesterol and increased HDL-C or “good” cholesterol compared with 80 mg of atorvastatin in patients with acute coronary syndrome or ACS. ACS is a umbrella term for conditions that result from insufficient blood supply to the heart muscle.

    The study results were published in the  American Journal of Cardiology.

    Atorvastatin, best known as Lipitor, has moved to generic status. Findings showing no difference when using Crestor would not be good news for AstraZeneca.

    Additional findings showed that Crestor was significantly more effective than atorvastatin n modifying several other important lipid measurements. A 30 mg dose of Crestor was significantly less effective than atorvastatin 80mg of atorvastatin in reducing total cholesterol and triglycerides. Changes with doses of 20mg and 40mg of Crestor were not much different from atorvastatin at 80mg.

    The study included 825 patients and compared the effect of Crestor 20mg and 40 mg with atorvastatin in an 80mg dose

    The  study is part of AstraZeneca’s Galaxy Program, a global research initiative designed to address unanswered questions in statin research and to investigate the impact of Crestor on cardiovascular risk reduction and patient outcomes. Currently, more than 67,000 patients have been recruited from 57 countries to take part in the program’s clinical trials.

    AstraZeneca has headquarters, research and manufacturing operations in Delaware.

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