Mitt's coming to town


    Republican National Committeewoman Priscilla Rakestraw was right when she  predicted that the frontrunner for the GOP nomination for president  was likely to visit Delaware. See story on this site.

    Rakestraw  made the prediction last week at an election roundtable sponsored by the Delaware Press Association.

    WDEL and other media outlets confirmed that Mitt Romney will pay a brief visit to the state Tuesday night as the state’s presidential primary approaches.

    WDEL reported Romney will visit RC Fabricators, a merit shop structural steel contractor in Wilmington.

    The visit will offer Romney the opportunity to focus on economic issues  in a friendly non union setting rather responding to contraception and other social matters that have dragged down the GOP’s poll numbers in “blue states” like Delaware as well as  the dozen or so battleground states that will decide the election.


    Why come to Delaware? Unlike many states where delegates for a candidate are awarded by their percentage of the total vote, a presidential hopeful can grab all 17 in the First State. Romney can also hop across the line, from Pennsylvania, where he hopes to deliver a knockout blow to former the U.S. Senator from that state, Rick Santorum.

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