Gore, wholesaler win 'Green' awards from EDiS Institute


EDiS Co. President Brian DiSabatino Thursday presented GreenSense Awards at the company’s EDS Institute on Thursday.

The awards reflect the work of 20 and 30-year-olds in the company who formed EDiS’ Green Team in 2007. The young staff, according to DiSabatino, radically changed EDiS’ culture and how the company conducts business.

W. L. Gore & Associates was the GreenSense Award winner for Business Investment for the company’s commitment to operating in an environmentally sound manner and for its  efforts to solve environmental challenges through innovation.

Gore’s portfolio includes innovations, including technologies that address complex environmental problems. Examples include protective vents used in solar equipment, filters that capture air pollutants, fuel cell components used by customers developing alternative energy solutions and composting technology that helps communities — including Wilmington — process waste organically.

Gore’s consumer fabrics business, for example, has implemented a challenging environmental  standard in all of its global garments manufacturing processes.

The GreenSense Award winner for Personal Investment in green isChad Morris, Vice President of Union Wholesale Company in Wilmington, whose company is a supplier and installer of ceilings, wall panels, doors, frames, hardware and toilet accessories and is currently a contractor for EDiS.

Chad, his wife and three children recently moved back into their renovated home after three years of renovations. Not only did Morris install a five-well geo-thermal system in his home but he also insulated the entire home, including under the roof deck, with open cell spray foam producing what is called the “igloo effect”.Additionally, he included energy efficient systems and all Energy Star appliances during the renovation.



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