Facebook Fan Page requires an adult in the room


    Things have not gone well for the Baltimore Orioles in a number of years. But to be dissed by another pro team was simply too much.blank

    Based on a report in NFLcom, the Baltimore Ravens Facebook page posted the following:

    “Raise your hand if you’d rather be cheering in THIS stadium than a baseball stadium today!”

    Don’t run to the Ravens Fan Page looking for the entry. It was quickly removed and an apology was issued. The Ravens page later showed some love with a photo of the Oriole mascot.

    What happened here? We may never know.

    The NFL.com story said the response was all over the map, with speculation that a young intern might have been handed the keys to the page.

    For overly busy businesspeople, it may be tempting to hand over the page to the young tech wizard or the most enthusiastic person in the room.

    Be careful. One post with trash talk about a competitor or something equally unprofessional won’t get you on NFL.com, but can cause a lot of damage.

    In other words, managing a Facebook Fan Page requires a steady hand, sound judgment and adult supervision.  Proceed with care.

    A final note. The Orioles are off to a 3-0 start and may want another snarky posting from the Ravens page.

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