Should you buy a new computer?

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    Don’t believe you can afford a computer? Think again.
    Prices for laptops have dropped and this time around, you don’t have to deal with the clunky Windows Vista operating system.
    Today’s computers come with with Windows 7, a system that is close to trouble-free for applications such as word processing and browsing the web.
    Some shopping around can result in a great deal. One recent example was an HP computer at Best Buy that went for $350, complete with an Intel Pentium processor and four gigs of RAM. Best Buy also kicked in six months of Kapersky virus protection.
    Granted, the computer does not come with Microsoft Office, which may be necessary in updating a resume or other document, but workarounds are available, if you are faced with that challenge. Best Buy also kicked in six months of Kapersky virus protection. I won’t vouch for movie viewing, although my Toshiba, which has comparable features is fine with video.
    Freeware is also available and I’ll take a look at some of those offerings in upcoming postings.
    A word of caution. Prices change change and a rock bottom price may not always be available, but if your machine is having its problems, keep a close eye on Best Buy or other websites and stop in every once in a while to see if a deal is available.

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