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    Verizon Wireless appeared to take  the lead in terms of of offering high-speed wireless service with the  launch of its 4G LTE network.on Sunday, Dec. 5. Verizon Wireless’ says the network will be the fastest and most advanced 4G network in America. The rollout is taking place in many, if not most of the nation’s large metro areas.

    The 4G LTE joins the Clearwire network in northern Delaware as 4G providers. Clearwire includes Comcast and Sprint as partners.  The reason for saying that Verizon Wireless is taking the lead has to do with a look at the coverage map. While there are a  number of gaps in the  Clear network, the Verizon 4G LTE seems to cover a large part of New Castle County north of the C&D canal, including my home base of Newark.  Middletown and neighboring Cecil County are expected to be added later.

    Engineering-centered Verizon Wireless is first offering the service, primarily  for road warriors using computers for business and who will jump at access that should be 10 times faster than current 3G wireless service.  Smartphones that tap into the high-speed service will also come later.

    So far, there are no signs that 4G service will result in a price war that might result in some small businesses and residences saying good-bye to their wired internet connections. In addition to the fact that wireless does not always make its way into buildings,  carriers are keeping costs above the wire rates charged by Comcast. Clear does offer some rates that might make some inroads, although it must tread lightly since partner  Comcast offers cable Internet.

    Verizon Wireless  is also  keeping its rates above those of  the  hard-wired FiOS service and it may not be coincidence that Verizon (which is technically a separate entity from Verizon Wireless) has slowed expansion on FiOS, perhaps realizing that wireless is  another way to more cheaply serve customers in the future.

    In the meantime, if you want to see if your home and/or business is part of the new network, log on THIS LINK.

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