Do we need another blog?


    The call came on Friday morning and the guy on the other end told me the WILM morning drive show was going in another direction and my report was no longer need. Following a perfunctory thank you and a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, I realized that a small part of my day had vanished.

    Over the past several years, I had spent some time in the afternoon coming up with a story that would be of interest to those making that morning commute. Over the years, it led to a loyal audience. I was always surprised when someone would tell me they listened to the broadcast every weekday morning and most of the time, the story was worthwhile.
    But as the cliché goes, every time a door closes, another opens. In letting some of my Facebook friends and LinkedIn contacts know that the report was going away Brian Selander suggested blogging the story.
    Selander is an adviser to Gov. Jack Markell and deserves credit for helping Delaware government become part of the burgeoning social media movement in Delaware that embraces blogging, Facebook, Twitter and other tools to enhance communications and build business.
    Armed with that suggestion, I took that extra hour I was given on Sunday to set up a website and get down to blogging.
    I can’t promise I will be able to keep up the five-story-a-week pace of the WILM report, but I will do my darndest to provide some insights at a time when the number of business journalists in the state is at its lowest number in perhaps 30 years.
    For those who have found this website, feel free to pass the URL along to your friends, as well as the news website that I also handle,