Global Delaware partners with European investment-advisory firm


Corporate advisory and investment firm Spitzberg Partners has teamed up with Global Delaware. The partnership will focus on bringing the most innovative firms from around the world to Delaware as they launch their U.S.-based operations.

The partnership will focus on bringing innovative firms from around the world to Delaware as they launch their U.S.-based operations.

The strategic partnership will highlight the unique advantages of investing in Delaware for innovative firms from around the world, including the lower cost of doing business, easy access to government officials, a friendly regulatory climate, first-rate university and research centers, and attractive positioning along the New York City – Washington, DC corridor, a release stated.

“We are very excited about the potential of this strategic partnership and are extremely pleased to lend our services to help build and raise awareness of the Delaware Blockchain Initiative,” said Ulf Gartzke, managing partner of Spitzberg Partners. “We specialize in assisting innovative firms with establishing a beachhead in the U.S. as they expand beyond their home markets, and the advantages of the State of Delaware combined with the quality of Andrea Tinianow’s team are very compelling. There is a natural fit between our respective domain expertises.”


“This collaboration is terrific news for European companies looking for a soft landing in the U.S., especially those interested in exploring the Blockchain ecosystem,” stated Tinianow, director of Global Delaware. “Global Delaware knows how to help businesses get up and running quickly, and we are delighted to join forces with Spitzberg to facilitate the process for businesses seeking growth and success in the U.S.”

Global Delaware is the initiative of the Delaware Department of State. Created to achieve three primary goals – help Delaware companies develop markets overseas, attract foreign companies to establish operations in Delaware, and strengthen and expand Delaware’s role as leader in corporate governance

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