DuPont probiotics offering may get you back in that pair of jeans


DuPont Nutrition & Health wants to help you get into that too-tight pair of jeans.

The company announced the launch of the uniquely namedHOWARU Shape, a probiotic formula that aims to reduce waist measurements in overweight adults.

HOWARU is a trademark for a range of probiotic strains – bacteria that are widely used in food and beverage products and dietary supplements.

In aclinical study, HOWARU Shape reduced waist circumference by up to one inch. When taken in combination with 12g Litesse Ultra prebiotic fiber, HOWARU Shape also was shown to reduce body fat mass and trunk fat, a release stated.


The study was conducted with 225 healthy volunteers.

According to the release, the priobiotic had the following effects:

  • 5 percent reduction in total body fat mass
  • 7 percent reduction in trunk fat
  • 1 inch (2.6cm) reduction in waist circumference

“DuPont continues to be the leader in scientific innovation with the broadest range of clinically documented probiotics, and HOWARU® Shape is the latest breakthrough,” said Anders Gron Norager, director, Global Probiotics at DuPont. “In 2016, the global weight loss supplement market was an almost $5 billion category and growing, and we know these consumers are not just interested in dieting, they want overall health and wellness, which includes looking good. HOWARU Shape is geared toward those who want to lose weight but need help.”

HOWARU Shape does not contain stimulants.For more information on HOWARU Shape, visit

Probiotics are a growth area for DuPont, which is moving toward a merger with Dow.

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