Siemens to locate digital rail services office in New Castle

Amtrak photo of Siemens Sprinter electric locomotive.

Siemens is launching Digital Rail Services in the U.S., with one of its headquarters to be based in New Castle.

The new business that will use intelligent sensors and advanced software platforms to put intelligence behind billions of data points created on the country’s rail systems.

Siemens will locate its Digital Services hub in Atlanta, which will be home to the Data Analytics and Applications Center on the Georgia Institute of Technology campus.


Siemens will also support the Digital Service portfolio by opening a new East Coast Locomotive Service Headquarters in New Castle this summer.

The center will be located at 800 Centerpoint Blvd, near the Farmers Market. The company will open with 20 employees. Amtrak, a major customer for Siemens has maintenance and other operations in northern Delaware.

Wilmington is one of the busier stations on Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor. Amtrak spent more than $450 million on Siemens’s Sprinter electric locomotives

The platform features Smart Monitoring for real-time insight on vehicle state and location, Smart Data Analytics that provide root cause analysis and remote vehicle and infrastructure diagnostics, and Smart Prediction to conduct prescriptive maintenance.

Additional capabilities will include advanced cyber security and guidance services. “Today, rail vehicles send between one and four billion data points per year and rail infrastructure can send billions of messages just inside a specific system,” said Simon Davidoff, head of Siemens Mobility Digital Services in North America.

“With our Digital Services business, we’re taking not only experience from our global rail footprint but also our extensive company-wide digital expertise to turn billions of data points into action, including the ability to detect malfunctions well before they can cause problems and information that helps improve arrival times and punctuality for riders.”

The City of Atlanta and Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) will be among the first transportation providers to lead the way in putting big data to use from its existing fleet to improve operations and safety.

Siemens designs and manufactures across the entire spectrum of rolling stock including commuter and regional passenger trains, light rail and streetcars, metros, locomotives, passenger coaches and high-speed trainsets.

Siemens has transportation manufacturing hubsin:Sacramento, Louisville, Marion, KY; and Pittsburgh, PA. Siemens is already a large employer in Delaware, thanks to its medical equipment business, which has operations in Glasgow and is believed to employ more than 1,000.

Siemens reported worldwide revenue of $88.1 billion in fiscal 2016. Siemens in the USA reported revenue of $23.7 billion, including $5.4 billion in exports, and employs approximately 50,000 people.

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