Opinion: An overlooked vote of confidence for Wilmington


It ishard to overstate the impact of recent moves in downtown Wilmington involving CapitalOne, the DuPont Building and yesterday’s news of a $23 million hotel on the riverfront.

$200 million of this money will go to a transformation of the DuPont building.

It adds up to a possible quarter of a billion dollar investment or theequivalent of $5 billion in acity the size of Philadelphia.


This vote ofconfidencehasnot gotten the attention it deserves.

This was especially true in thecase of Capital One. Leasing 300,000 square feet is a big deal, especially when buildings will undergo a big makeover.

Instead, the focus seemed to be ondownsizingof space, even though the current workforce will remain in place.

Engaging in boosterism is not the job of the media.However,there is a time to step back and access the impact of continued investment in the city.It is a vote ofconfidence thatshould not be marginalized.

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