Dogfish Head rolls out hoppy 120 Minute Imperial IPA


The potent  120 Minute Imperial IPA from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Milton,  will be on shelves and taps in April.

At  is  a 15-20 percent  ABV (alcohol by volume)  the India Pale Ale is copper in color with sweet-citrus, piney and floral aromas, with a bitter mouthfeel. 

Unfiltered and hoppy, the gigantic 120 Minute is carbonated like an IPA and loaded with heaps of flavor and grand complexity, according to a Dogfish Head release.  

Six times as hoppy as a traditional pale ale and four to five times as strong, this sipper is an ideal candidate for sharing and is best served cool, not cold, the release continued. 

Ranked by “Business Insider” as one of the 17 most sought after beers in America,  the site  describes 120 Minute as the ultimate IPA, stating, “it’s so hoppy that it’s not even hoppy anymore; unlike other IPAs, it’s not that bitter, just really flavorful and very strong.”

  Dogfish Head announced  it  will be shipping 120 Minute IPA to the following states for the first time: Minnesota, Missouri, South Carolina and New Mexico. California and New Hampshire will receive the  ale for the first time in 12 ounce bottles, in addition to draft.  

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