Fearless Girl the work of a Lewes sculptor

Creative Commons photo

The work of a Lewes sculptor is getting worldwide attention.

Fearless Girl now shares a corner on Wall Street, with the sculpture of a girl staring down the legendary bull.

Fearless Girl is the work of Kristen Visbal , who has a studio in Lewes, the Cape Gazette reported.


Visbal has been the topic of stories over the years in the Delaware beach area and the Eastern Shore, but her latest work seems destined to make her a national figure.

The sculpture was unveiled in conjunction with International Women’s Day and photos quickly went viral.

Fearless Girl was commissioned by State Street Global Advisors, a financial firm based in Boston.

The sculpture is expected to stay at its current location for at least a week, with an effort underway to find a permanent home, Adweek reported.

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