Easterseals honors Tatnall fund-raising program

Easterseals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern Shore CEO, Kenan J. Sklenar (center), recently presented a certificate of thanks to Aimee Neff (right), head of Tatnall Preschool, and Linda Champagne (left), preschool teacher, for their fundraising efforts through their “Hop-N-ing” program.

This year, Easterseals and The Tatnall Schoolcelebrated their 17-year partnership of spreading ability awareness to preschool students. The preschool children raised money to support Easterseals services for local families based on the number of times they hopped up and down, with contributors pledging money per hop. Since its inception in 2000, the “Hop-N-ing” event at The Tatnall School has raised nearly $40,000 for Easterseals.

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