DuPont sells landmark hotel to Buccini/Pollin

The Hotel duPont is slated to be sold to the Wilmington-based Buccini/Pollin Group.

A letter to employees at the hotel confirmed that the widely rumored sale would take place.

Buccini/Pollin had previously bought parking lots that served the hotel in downtown Wilmington. 

Earlier, Chemours, agreed to remain in the building that houses the hotel and its corporate headquarters under a deal with Buccini/Pollin, the driving force in downtown Wilmington redevelopment and the owner of hotels in Wilmington and the Newark area, as well as elsewhere on the East Coast.

Chemours and DuPont swapped headquarters space when Chemours was spun off as a separate company in July of 2015. 

The building is expected to undergo a major renovation, with the historic hotel also believed to be in need of an update. 



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