Best Buy reopens store as weekend outlet location

Best Buy has quietly reopened a previously closed store in the Center Pointe shopping center south of Newark and across from Christiana Hospital. 

The location is part of a five-store rollout of the concept in Texas, Delaware and other States, the Dallas News reported. 

The newspaper reported the store is part of a test of the concept by the Minnesota-based  electronics and appliance giant. 

The stores will be open Friday through Sunday. 

A visit to the location showed the floor space primarily occupied by washers, refrigerators, and other large appliances,  with a small area devoted to big screen televisions.

Delaware is a good location to test the strategy, due to its lack of a sales tax.

Sears has operated an appliance and furniture store in the same general area for many years. More recently upscale retailer Restoration Hardware opened an outlet in the Christiana Town Center off Route 273.

Earlier this year, Best Buy closed the Center Pointe store and another location off Kirkwood Highway in the  Milltown area and opened a store in the Christiana Fashion Center, near the mall. 

The Fashion Center store came with a new designed aimed at building sales at the retailer, which has been hit increasing competition in the electronics and appliance area. 

In 2016, JC Penney, which has a store at Christiana Mall, moved into the appliance arena.

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