(Video) AZ Healthcare Foundation offers a ‘lessons learned’ discussion on community health programs

The AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation, in partnership with The Center for Social and Economic Policy Research (CSEPR) at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, released “Lessons Learned,” the collective and effective practices of outcomes-driven community health programs since the launch of the Connections for Cardiovascular Health  (CCH) program in 2010.

A moderated panel discussion at the American Public Health Association (APHA) 2016 Annual Meeting highlighted the analysis of more than five years of community-based cardiovascular programs with measureable outcomes, supported by grants from the Foundation’s CCH program.

The learning  provides  key strategies for effective practices in six innovative approaches. The goal is to share knowledge with other organizations interested in using similar approaches to improve cardiovascular health in their communities. The strategies were highlighted at the APHA panel discussion, Connections for Cardiovascular HealthInnovations in Community-Based Approaches to Improving Cardiovascular Health.


The “Lessons Learned” have been gathered from over 50 cardiovascular community health programs implementing programs using six key innovative approaches including:

  • Leveraging Access for Uninsured/Underserved Participants to Improve CV Knowledge and Health
  • Bringing Programs to Participants
  • Educating Children to Serve as Heart Health Ambassadors
  • Improving CV Health through Food-Based Programs
  • Using Health Coaches/Promotores to Improve CV Health
  • Providing Culturally Sensitive Programs to Maximize Participant Outcomes
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