Report: Delaware ranks last among 50 states in emergency room wait times

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Delaware ranks last among the 50 states when it comes to the longest emergency room waits, one report indicates.

The report  for Delaware from HealthGrove listed Bayhealth Kent General Hospital as having the longest waiting room time.

HealthGrove used data collected from a Medicare  survey of more than 4,000 hospitals,


HealthGrove describes itself as a   a health news and information site with an emphasis on data-driven analysis.

Neighboring Maryland  second to the last, followed by New York and California.

Last year, the nonprofit news website ProPublica listed the average wait time in Delaware at 35 minutes, about 11 minutes above the national average.

Beebe Medical Center had the shortest wait time, with Christiana  Care having the longest in the ProPublica report. Christiana Care has the state’s only Level 1 trauma center.

Hospitals in the state have been upgrading their facilities in an effort to improve efficiency in the emergency room and other areas.

Christiana Care added an emergency center in fast-growing Middletown and the expansion and renovation of Wilmington Hospital included emergency room upgrades.

Bayhealth has broken ground on a new health care campus in Milford to replace Milford Memorial Hospital. Upgrades have also been made at Kent General.

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